Foods High in Carbs to Avoid

A list of high carb foods to avoid.

Many people are trying to get healthy by following a low carb diet. The problem is that carbs are found in many different foods. Some of these foods are healthy, and some are not.

Healthy carbs are found in whole foods such as leafy green vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds.

These are rich in fibre and vitamins which are important for digestive health.

There are also many unhealthy carbs which heighten the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and brain disorders.

In today's video we will share with you a list of high carb foods to avoid. 

1. Donuts
Deep fried and with a mixture of fat, refined flour and sugar. Donuts are some of the unhealthiest junk foods on the planet. These trigger a massive spike in the insulin hormone which causes weight gain.

2. Bread
All forms of bread, including wholemeal, brown, white, half and half are very bad for you. These are made from refined flour which can block your body's ability to absorb certain vitamins. It is also difficult to digest and causes weight gain.

3. Chinese Buffet Meat
Meat products found on Chinese buffets are often coated in soy and sugar. Soy is an anti-nutrient which prevents the body from absorbing proteins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc. The sugar will also prevent weight loss and cause mood swings.

4. Fruits
When trying to lose weight, fruit should be cut out of the diet. The fructose and sweetness in fruit is a form of sugar which prevents weight loss. Small portions of berries are allowed as long as your carbs under 20g per day.

5. Orange Juice
All fruit juices should be avoided as they contain an extremely high amount of sugar, often more than soda. The nutrients have been destroyed during the heating process, leaving only sugar water.

6. Pizza
The dough used to make the base of a Pizza is extremely high in refined flour and carbs. The toppings often have High Fructose Corn Syrup added for flavour which is linked to obesity, heart disease and insulin resistance. 

7. Low Fat Yoghurt
Only high fat, natural yoghurt should be eaten. Low fat yoghurts have replaced the fat with sugar and carbs. Be sure to purchase only unsweetened Greek yoghurt (full fat.) 

8. Cereal Bars
These are actually the worst way to start the day. They cause a huge spike in blood sugars as they are loaded with sugar. This will leave you feeling groggy throughout the day and having a constant urge to eat snacks.

9. Potatoes
These root vegetables contain an incredibly high amount of starch and very little nutrients. They are very high in carbs that are not allowed when trying to lose weight. 

10. Pies
All forms of pastry are to be avoided as they are made using refined flour and starch. These are some of the worst things a human can eat when trying to get healthy or lose weight.

11. Beer
Alcoholic drinks such as beer are extremely high in carbs and will prevent fat burning. 1 can of beer contains 13g carbs. 

12. Cookies
Biscuits are another unhealthy source of refined flour, sugar and often vegetable fat. This mixture spikes blood sugar levels and makes you gain weight.

13. Beans
Although these have healthy fibre and protein, they also have a high amount of carbs. Cut these out when following a low carb diet, as they make take you over your daily amount.

14. Soda
These fizzy drinks are extremely high in sugar and are one of the leading causes of weight gain. Even sugar-free sodas contain aspartame which causes insulin resistance and damage to cells. 

15. Pasta
This is one of the worst foods that you can eat, and causes a high surge in blood sugar and weight gain. Replace this with spiralized Zucchini or other vegetables.

16. Rice
Last but by no means least, all forms of rice should be avoided. This is a high carb food which is converted into sugar in the body and will prevent weight loss.

As you can see there are many high carb foods that should be avoided. Many of these are made from refined grains and contain added sugar.

These foods cause a massive surge in blood sugars and insulin. Over time this leads to insulin resistance and a host of other health problems.

We highly recommend following a low carb, ketogenic diet which involves eating lots of "healthy carbs" such as leafy greens, herbs and spices. The goal is to cut out all of the refined foods which the body struggles to digest. 

To learn more about nutrition and natural remedies, please see our other videos. 

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