Hot drinks For The Winter

Hot drinks For The Winter

The happiness that gives you a warm drink on these dates is one of the advantages of this time of year. Without these moments of joy, these holidays would be sad and boring.
So let the spirit of Christmas invade you and try these 11 drinks that we propose, with special cocktails for these designated dates!

Christmas rum punch

Although we only take the Christmas rum punch once a year, it's worth waiting for. The ingredients change according to the recipe, but the basic elements you need are a touch of Christmas, a bit of rum and then swallowing it all at once to notice how the throat heats until it reaches the stomach.

But if you want to follow the advice of a professional, follow the recipe on the website of Martha Stewart where she explains how to prepare the classic Christmas rum punch.

Where to drink it:

At this time of year, you can find it practically everywhere, even at your company's Christmas party. But if you really want to try a good Christmas rum punch, go to Jamaica, where in addition to warm your stomach with the rum, you can warm up in the sun and enjoy the good weather.


Euphonium, one of the Christmas drinks. Pamper yourself after a hard day of skiing and take a bombardment. The euphonium is the favorite drink of the Italians in the ski resorts. It has a part of brandy and another of eggnog or advocaat. The name refers to the effect that drinking has on the body ... it is like taking a small "pump".

Where to drink it:

On one of the ski slopes of the Dolomites, of course. It is the star drink in places like Cortina, where the important thing is not to ski, but to let yourself be seen and given a good life.


A cocktail that would make Santa reindeer jealous. The eggnog is the quintessential Christmas drink: it is sweet, has a lot of calories and, once you finish the glass, the desire to drink another one is removed until the following year. But despite all that, the drink continues to triumph.

Where to drink it:

Although it originated in the late 18th century in the East Anglia region of the United Kingdom, this drink inevitably appears to be related to the United States. You can find it all over the country at this time of year, but what we propose is that you prepare it yourself at the State and Lake Tavern Tavern in downtown Chicago.

Hot lemonade with butter

Although it does not have alcohol, we recommend this delicious drink for this winter. The first (and only!) Drink on our list that does not have alcohol will surprise you for its flavor. It's the closest thing to drinking a lemon tart, that's why we know you'll like it.

Where to drink it:

A non-alcoholic beverage can be taken anywhere. We recommend that you ask for it wherever you go and that they prepare it for you at the moment. But if you see that they do not have much idea, you can always explain how to do it: here goes the recipe.

A sidecar cocktail with pear brandy

This fruity Christmas cocktail is a classic. The sidecar cocktail always has lemon juice and brandy, but the variety with pear brandy gives it that cloying touch that will make you not want to move from the side of the fireplace. We warn you, the cocktail is super-sweet. Although the proportions to prepare it to vary according to the recipe, this is our perfect version.

Where to drink it:

In any cocktail bar they can prepare you, but seeing that their origins go back to the years after the First World War, we recommend Paris as the perfect place to try it.

Hot Toddy

Winter gets better with a hot drink in hand, and a hot toddy can help you overcome post-holiday depression. The hot toddy cocktail is the cure of all evils. It is recommended to drink one on those cold winter nights to warm up and also for those who want to sweat the cold virus. Therefore, it is an ideal drink to drink at any time with its lemony flavor and its final aftertaste.

Where to drink it:

The hot toddy is a drink that has inspired many other cocktails such as the esky's hot spot, which substitutes Scotch for Irish and clove for nutmeg. But our favorite is the maple syrup today that has a Canadian twist. You can ask for it in any city in Canada, but we recommend you try it in Quebec. You can also order it a little more south of the border, in Washington DC at the Poste Brasserie restaurant.

Hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint liqueur

A hot chocolate with a special touch. If you like chocolate with mint pieces in summer, then your winter drink is hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint liqueur, also known as peppermint patty.

Where to drink it:

The best place to try it is a country famous for its liquors: Germany. Ask for it in a traditional Munich bar and get ready to warm up with this mint drink!

The cocktail of Christmas candy canes

Of the Christmas cocktails, this is the sweetest! The most Christmas cocktail of all has only one official ingredient: the Christmas candy canes, hence its name. If you like sweet drinks, those that make sugar levels soar, then surely this cocktail will please you, regardless of what alcohol the barman puts on you: vanilla rum or strawberry vodka.

Yes, do not put both at once! You can choose what ingredients you want to put to this cocktail according to the different recipes on the website of Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Pop Sugar and finally the Food Network.

Where to drink it:

The origin of this cocktail is unclear, but many argue that it was created in Albany, Georgia. That's why we propose this state of EE. UU to prove it. And remember, you better not let your dentist know!

Tom and Jerry

This hot cocktail is ideal for winter. Dark rum, brandy, hot milk, and a raw egg, maybe the ingredients on the list have nothing to do with the classic cartoons ... or yes. It does not matter, the fact is that this cocktail is called like that and is ideal for those who prefer to give a twist to the classic eggnog.

Where to drink it:

The Pegu Club in the Soho area of Manhattan is one of the best places on the East Coast of the United States to try it out. Although it is also a very popular drink in the Midwest, in states like Wisconsin.

Spiced hot wine

If you want to give a Nordic touch to this Christmas, ask for a glogg! One of the most popular drinks in winter is the hot spiced wine. The idea is to heat the red wine and mix it with fruits and spices. Each country has its own version. For example, in the Czech Republic, they have the svařené víno, in Moldova, the wine with var pepper and in Turkey, they have their own sweet version, the sick sirup. In Poland this drink they like so much that they have even applied the spiced technique to the beer: the granite.

But if there is a spiced hot wine that identifies with winter it is glühwein. In the popular Christmas markets of Germany, this is the star drink. It is the typical spiced wine, but in German, and therefore, more efficient and controlled than any other in the European Union.

Where to drink it:

The Christkindlmarkt market in Nuremberg is one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world and there the glühwein is spectacular. But you can also try other options such as the Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park.

However, our favorite is the Nordic version. You can try it in many places, from Copenhagen through Gothenburg or Bergen and many other places. In Sweden, it is called glögg, in Denmark and Norway gløgg, although we know it simply as glogg. This drink can be combined with vodka, brandy, rum, bourbon or any liquor you have at home.

Spicy cider (Apple Wassail)

  • 4-5 cups of apple juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 85 ml of spiced rum (optional)
  • cinnamon sticks and apple slices to garnish

In a small saucepan, heat the apple juice, spices and rum (if you are using it), over low or medium heat. Stir often, so that the spices melt and mix well with the juice and, thus, avoid lumps. Once everything is well mixed and hot, serve it in bowls and garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks. Take it hot.

Anise milk - Amsterdam

Almost every day, from three in the afternoon, you can enjoy a good hot winter drink in one of the cafés and bars in Amsterdam, but it is true that the most appropriate and sociable days are usually Fridays and weekends. of week. Even in those cold, dark winter months there are plenty of warm and cozy places to have a drink. Amsterdam is full of cafes and perfect places to take a comforting hot drink in winter.

One of the typical Dutch drinks, and that you should not miss, is anise milk (anijsmelk). It is a very nostalgic drink, and very tasty with a pinch of pastis (anise liqueur). And is that the anise is a winter drink known for its health effects, and that used to take both to relieve muscle cramps, to prevent nightmares, and even because it was believed to help keep you young. Of course, it also helps to sleep, which is another reason to drink this beverage so comfortable.

The basis of anise milk is milk, anise and sugar, and it is very easy to prepare with a little anise or anise powder. But the original recipe, without sugar, is made with anise seeds that are boiled with milk.

Berliner Winter and hot chocolate

If you have had the "luck" of spending some winter in Berlin, you have probably suffered that implacable cold that crosses the streets and, also, you have tried to put on a lot of layers of clothes, as if you were an onion, trying to protect yourself from casualties temperatures. Often, you will be able to see those constant clouds in the sky, which can barely distinguish between day and night and, finally, turn your reasons for leaving home to zero.

Not much less! After all, the cafés, bars, and restaurants of Berlin have a great offer of comforting winter drinks. Hot chocolate, for example, which is always a good choice. One of the best places in Berlin to sweeten is the "Winterfeldt Schokoladen" by Natascha Kespy. Although some of the recipes may seem too daring, the taste is very good.

In Berlin, there is another typical winter drink, which is precisely called "Berliner Winter", and is usually available from November 1 until the end of February. Invented during - as it could not be otherwise - a cold winter night in a Kreuzberg Pub, this drink combines apple juice, vodka, and some secret winter spices. By the way, if you need an emergency reserve of the "Berliner Winter", it is also sold in bottles of 0.1 liters, valid to carry on the plane.

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