Vodka and Walnuts: for Thyroid Health

The benefits of using walnuts and vodka for thyroid health.

1. The thyroid is a very important gland which is located in the lower neck, in both men and women. Nowadays many people are suffering with thyroid problems such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. 

2. The good news is that there are natural remedies which can be used to heal these problems, preventing the need for prescription drugs.

3. The thyroid gland is very important as it produces T3 and T4 hormones which control the body's metabolism, body temperature, brain development and blood calcium levels. 

4. In today's video we will share with you a remedy using walnuts which can be used over the course of two months to cure the thyroid of these problems.

Let's take a look at the recipe:

You Will Need. 

500ml Vodka 

30 Whole Walnuts


Use a nut cracker to break the shells of the walnuts. Inside you will find the seeds and inner shells around the seeds.

The inner shells contain the natural nutrients that your body needs to heal it's thyroid gland.

Take the inner shells from all 30 walnuts and place them inside a bottle. Pour in the vodka and place in the refrigerator for 3 weeks, shaking occasionally.

The medicine is now ready to use. Simply take 3 teaspoons of the walnut infused vodka and drink before every meal. Do this 3 times per day.

You should continue taking this tincture for one month. After one month, stop taking it for 7 days, and then begin again for one month.

The total time for this overall treatment should be 2 months 1 week. 

You can repeat this again if necessary. 

5. The vodka draws the nutrients out of the walnut inner filaments which allow the body to easily absorb them.

6. The shells contain selenium which is one of the most important minerals   for thyroid function. 

7. This remedy originated in Russia thousands of years ago. It has long been used to treat thyroid conditions and improve the health of the brain.

8. Tests should be taken before and after the treatment to see if the thyroid is improving. This natural cure has worked for thousands of people all around the world.

9. Walnuts also have a great range of other uses, the outer shells can be used to make a natural toothpaste which fights decay and tartar.

10. To learn more about walnuts, thyroid remedies and natural cures, please see our other videos. 

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Ginger: for Nausea (Natural Remedy)

How to use ginger as a natural remedy for nausea.

1. Ginger is a medicinal spice which has been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures. 

2. Nausea is the feeling of sickness where we feel the need to vomit. This may include bloating or feelings of disgust.

3. Ginger can be used to get rid of nausea for those who suffer with motion sickness in vehicles, sea sickness or air sickness. It also works to treat those with stomach upset, sickness feeling after surgery, morning sickness and chemotherapy nausea.

4. Ginger is available in many different forms and can be purchased fresh, in powdered form, drank as a tea or in capsules.

5. You can purchase soft gel capsules containing ginger to take on long journeys if you feel you may become nauseous. These are very easy to take in a glass of water. It is best to take one capsule, an hour before a trip. 

6. If you like the taste of ginger, traditional ginger beers were used as a nausea treatment. However many brands do not have enough ginger in the mixture anymore, so we recommend trying fresh ginger tea. 

7. Ginger is an excellent flavouring to add to delicious homemade curries and soups. You can make nutritious meals with spices such as this to trigger a range of health benefits.

8. Ginger has been proven to be more effective than prescription drugs for curing nausea. You can take extra capsules if required, or simply enjoy a cup of ginger tea, with half a teaspoon of grated ginger. 

9. We have a video discussing the benefits of taking ginger every day, or ginger and lemon juice for detoxification. Please see our channel for more information.

Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar: Benefits

The health benefits of turmeric and apple cider vinegar and a simple recipe to use at home.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar was used by the ancient Egyptians as a natural medicine and antiseptic at least 8000 years ago. 

It was recommend and prescribed in Ancient Greece as a "Healing Elixir."
2. Turmeric was also used by ancient civilisations as a spice, commonly added to delicious curries in Asian cuisine.
This is still used today to treat many medical problems and ailments. 
3. When these ingredients are mixed together they form a unique remedy which has some tremendous health benefits.  
These work wonders in lowering inflammation throughout the body, especially for those with arthritis. 

4. Turmeric contains a powerful compound called curcumin. This has been scientifically shown to be stronger than medical drugs for fighting diseases and infections. 

Apple cider vinegar works hand in hand with the turmeric by introducing its powerful acetic acid and enzymes. 
These rapidly boost your body’s digestion, allowing you to break down foods and absorb more nutrients from every meal. 

You Will Need:

250ml Warm Water
1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.
Mix the ingredients together in a glass and stir well.   Drink this on an empty stomach every morning before breakfast.
It is very important that you use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, as this contains the proteins and enzymes that the body needs.
The black pepper contains piperine which will help your body to absorb curcumin and other compounds from within the turmeric.
If you do not like the taste, simply add a little raw honey or xylitol for sweetness.
5. The acetic acid and curcumin work together to trigger weight loss in the body. These ingredients reduce fat storage especially in the belly area. They help you to tap into your own fat reserves for energy.

6. Drinking this every day is excellent for those who suffer with depression, as it has been shown to be stronger than Prozac, yet is completely natural.

It does this by boosting serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. 
7. Studies have shown that curcumin in turmeric is an extremely powerful natural cancer fighter. 
It does this by boosting communication between the cells and over 100 different molecular pathways. 
8. Apple Cider Vinegar and Turmeric is also highly anti-inflammatory and is stronger than aspirin and ibuprofen. 
This lowers the risk of high cholesterol and stomach ulcers.

9. The turmeric works to reduce arthritis pain, whilst the vinegar helps your body to absorb new minerals to strengthen the joints, bones and connective tissues. 

10. Many athletes use both of these ingredients to improve the health of their cells and mitochondria. 
This allows them to store more energy for better performance, strength and stamina.

11. After drinking this for over a week, you may notice that you begin to think more clearly.
It improves the health of the central nervous system and can enhance memory and recall. 

12. The drink improves your body's ability to absorb nutrients from foods that you eat for the rest of the day.
Eating healthy cruciferous vegetables alongside this drink gets the vitamins into your cells fast.

13. If you have swelling in the legs or feet, then todays remedy can help.
It reduces a build-up of unwanted fluids which could be causing pressure in the muscles and joints.

14. Many people in Eastern countries use turmeric regularly.
This combined with their healthy lifestyle helps them to stay looking younger for longer, because they have less oxidative stress in their bodies.

15. If you prefer you can purchase a curcumin and apple cider vinegar supplement which also contains black pepper, to boost absorption.
These are easier to take on the go, but the fresh variety is always best. 
16. The drink contains healthy doses of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, B1, B2, B6 and C.
These minerals and vitamins improve the health of the millions of cells within the body.

17. The black pepper in today's drink contains piperine. This compound is used as a natural antihistamine for those who suffer with allergies such as hayfever, hives or allergic rhinitis.

18. Turmeric can help to improve blood pressure levels due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

19. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to destroy harmful pathogens found in foods, particularly in sea foods. It can also be added to a little olive oil to make a healthy salad dressing.

20. The mixture of turmeric and apple cider vinegar also detoxifies the liver and flushes out waste from the digestive system. This can be helpful when quitting drinking, smoking or other addictive substances.

21. A healthy substance called lipollysaccharide in turmeric boosts the body's immune system against fungal, viral and bacterial agents. 

22. Some of the strongest compounds in turmeric are not easily absorbed by the body such as curcumin. This is why it is extremely important to add the black pepper. This boosts the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%. 

23. If you suffer with acid reflux, or a painful burning sensation in the chest then you may be suffering with indigestion.

This happens when the stomach struggles to break down foods because it is too alkaline or has a high Ph.
The apple cider vinegar and turmeric drink strengthens stomach acid, bringing the Ph. down to its natural levels. 
The stomach then breaks down foods properly, relieving heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion pain.
The minerals and nutrients from your foods become absorbed properly, and your overall health increases.
24. The high amount of potassium from turmeric and black pepper is also excellent for reducing insulin resistance, helping to prevent diabetes.
25. After drinking today's mixture for a week or more, you may notice the skin becoming clearer, brighter and healthier looking. Healthy skin is a positive indicator of your internal health.

To learn more about natural remedies, and healthy tonics such as this, please see our other videos

The Love of God for His Children--A Wonderful Excerpt Shared©

About three months ago I started a study of the Lord’s Prayer found in Mt. 6:5-15. I have about 50 old, many public domain, commentaries I picked up online. I am going through each one, culling out the gems on the Lord’s Prayer. It’s been a remarkable experience for many reasons. First, though I anticipated the possibilities would be good, I have learned much, much more about the Lord’s Prayer than I anticipated. Virtually every day there is something new. With this many commentaries, one can imagine the variety of approaches, thought, and analysis I have experienced. It  has redounded as a great blessing to me; one that is difficult to summarize.  Second, I have come to appreciate that there are many faithful students of the scriptures who are not Latter-day Saints, but who love the Lord and have invested considerable thought and creative effort to express those thoughts in their writings about scripture. I know that many, if not most of them, would disagree with my basic Christian view, but that said, I have been lifted, edified, inspired, motivated, and thrilled by the things I have encountered in this three-month journey. I not only don’t mind saying so, I feel an obligation to do so.  

An example of all of this is below. If you have served a mission you may have experienced something which seems to be common–sometimes you don’t find that golden investigator until you reach the last house on the lane after hours of walking and being rejected, or at the top of a large apartment building which you were ready to leave to go to dinner, but you only had one more floor to finish it up. Well, that is sort of what happened to me this morning. I have studied these commentaries a half an hour or more each morning for the past three months. I am presently working on the 48th one in the collection. Yet, this morning I read one of the very best items of many great ones I’ve encountered during this journey.

I know nothing about David James Vaughan, except I love what he wrote which I have reproduced below.  In Mt. 6:9 the Lord instructs us to address God as “Our Father which art in heaven.” In the excerpt below Vaughan concentrates on one aspect of the fatherhood of God–his love for his children.  His insights touched me deeply. You read it (I suggest carefully) and then I will have a few additional comments (please note especially number 6 below.)  Enjoy!

There is no greater secret, of all truth and holiness and joy, than to have correct and grand views of the ‘fatherly’ relationship and character of God. Therefore, by all strange ways, the enemy of our peace tries to misrepresent it. God has made ‘the father’ His metaphor, and one great reason why God has established the relationship of a ‘father’ for this earth is to lead up to Him.

I. Love antecedent.—A ‘father’s’ love must, of necessity, precede the love of the child: long before the child can really know or love him, he has known and loved the child. The child’s love is the response and echo, after long intervals. You cannot conceive the time when God began to love you. But you can very easily date almost the hour when you began to love Him. God had done thousands of things for you before you ever did one thing for Him.

II. Love anticipatory.—Being antecedent, it is always anticipatory. It is a love that always stands in the front. A son little knows and thinks of all that’ a father’ has been thinking for him when he was helpless, and unconscious, and asleep. And you are not conscious of a millionth part of what has been going on within the veil of the great Father’s address to you. When you came into the world, there was everything ready for you; and your life commenced, has gone on all through, a planned one. It has all been a copy of a chart which lay for ever and ever in the breast of Godhead. Therefore it is the Divine love so exceeds the human.

III. Love prospective.—A ‘father’s’ love to his child has always—though the child may not see it—a reference to the child’s future. A ‘father’s’ love always has in itself something of the nature of education—therefore it disciplines you. It is just so with God. His love, and every act of it, always has a future in it. And just as a ‘father,’ being a man, trains his child for manhood, so God, being eternal, trains his creatures for eternity. You can only read a ‘father’s’ love in that light. It is always prospective love, mysterious—just because God sees: a future which His child does not see.

IV. Love’s qualities.—
(a) A ‘father’ never magnifies a child’s faults. He always sees excellences more than he sees the bad points. Is that the way in which you think of God’s looking on you? Do not you generally think of God exactly the opposite?—quick to see what is wrong—watching for sins—and, when He sees them, slow to forgive them.
(b) A ‘father’s’ love is always equal to all his children. Can God be partial? And yet you often think of God as very partial, and fancy that He does not love you as much as He loves some other.
(c) A ‘father’s’ love is a very wide thing. It takes in with a large embrace all the little things and all the great things in his child’s life—all and everything.
(d) A ‘father s’ love never dies. Whatever the child may do—whatever the ‘father’ may be constrained to do, upon whatever his child does, it does not alter a ‘father’s’ love. He may punish—he may be angry—he may hide himself; but his love is unchanging. And why is this in the ‘father’? Because his relation approaches and assimilates to God’s relation to His creatures. He is a representative on earth of God. He is a ‘father.’ God is a ‘Father’!
It will take you out of a great many distresses and difficulties if you will only remember ‘the Fatherhood of God.’(1)
Here are just a few of the thoughts that this passage generated:

1. The first sentence reminds me very much of something Joseph Smith said in his famous King Follett discourse: “It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the Character of God....”(2) Vaughan’s addition is that Satan tries to misrepresent God’s character as Father.

2. There is a spirit and sweetness permeating this passage which strikes at the core of my being.

3. I am pretty sure my children would raise an eyebrow at his assertion that a father “never magnifies a child’s faults.”  I was young, had almost no wisdom, and had never been a father before!  But I do try now to see their excellencies more than their faults.

4. I was taken aback, nearly bowled over, by his explanation that the love God as our Father has for us, like our earthly fathers, began long before we knew or loved him.  “You cannot conceive the time when God began to love you,” he writes.  Latter-day Saints may have a leg up on most Christians as far as that is concerned.  Nevertheless, even we probably only see through a glass darkly on that subject.  But this statement wrenched my heart as I realized the truth of it, because of my knowledge of the pre-mortal existence.

5. Similarly, the truth of the expression “A son little knows and thinks of all that ‘a father’ has been thinking for him when he was helpless, and unconscious, and asleep.  And you are not conscious of a millionth part of what has been going on within the veil of the great Father’s address to you.”  The frequency with which that happened and continues to happen, should have led me to consider this in relationship to Heavenly Father long before now.  Alas!  

6. The truth of these ideas is really almost self-evident, but I only encountered them the first time this morning!  I am writing this and sharing it with you in hopes that learning them now may be a great blessing to you for a much longer period of your life than it will be for mine.

7. Finally, he gives two examples of principles pertaining to God’s love as a Father, which when we  think of God, we often do in the exact opposite way.  1) Do we not think God concentrates on and magnifies our faults, rather than our excellencies?  2) Do we not think God’s love is partial and fancy that he does not love us as much as others, rather than loving all of his children equally?  Take the positive view here and these become stunning and meaningful insights that tend to draw your heart to God.

I hope you enjoyed James Vaughan.

Let’s think together again, soon.


1.   The Rev. James Vaughan, cited in James Nisbet, The Church Pulpit Commentary, (Mt. 6:9),  from Bible Analyzer software available online at

2.  Joseph Fielding Smith, comp., Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1967, 345.