Time and Eternity - Cousins, But Not Brothers

Time and time everlasting are connected ideas however unique. They are not, the same number of accept, inverse sides of a similar coin, as it were. So we normally ask ourselves: how might we characterize these ideas?

In the event that you have ever considered it, you understand all that we comprehend is on the grounds that we comprehend its inverse. What is frosty? Chilly is the turn around, or inverse of hot. Also, high? It is what isn't low. Wide? Consider limit. Troublesome? Simple.

Thus it goes.

In reasoning, this is known as the by means of negativa - the comprehension of something by what it isn't. Normally scholars consolidate this approach when talking about God, as He can't be contrasted with anything since He is well beyond all things. So they talk about what He isn't, to touch base at what He is.

Time and time everlasting are like God in that there is nothing by which we can contrast them with.

Indeed, even Sir Isaac Newton, the renowned researcher, depicted time only as: "That which streams on consistently." What? Doesn't seem like a lot of a definition to me. Maybe this is on account of time can't generally be characterized.

Einstein made it a stride assist when he depicted the properties of time in his Theory of Relativity. Yet, he was taking a gander at time from the stance of logical clarification, not philosophical clarification.

How about we see what the most astute man who at any point lived needed to say in regards to time:

"He has made everything fitting in now is the right time. He has likewise set endlessness in their heart, yet so man won't discover the work which God has done from the earliest starting point even to the end." Ecclesiastes 3:11

In astuteness, Solomon introduced into His exchange of time, perceiving God as the creator. He comprehended God's power over the requesting of occasions. In the initial 8 verses of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, he records a progression of occasions time was intended to clarify. Time, in this sense, is a method for estimating life.

Be that as it may, Solomon likewise talks about time everlasting, just in an unexpected way.

In the lexicon, endlessness is characterized as "unending time", in any case this is a pitiful definition. Endlessness isn't clarified by time; it is inside and out something unique. This is a wide discourse for some other time (joke expected), however for the present, let me simply say that endlessness isn't an amount of anything. Endlessness can't be an amount of time, for forever is interminable, vast, and outside the ability to understand. Time, then again, is quantifiable, and quantifiable.

In a word, time and forever don't characterize each other. Time has all the earmarks of being a piece of endlessness, yet not the slightest bit is forever deciphered by time.

Give me a chance to call attention to here an essential certainty: the main reason I or any other person considerations to talk about the idea of time or time everlasting is that God gave us a capacity to mind. We have time everlasting in our heart. It waits in our psyche, in our deepest being, goading us as we attempt to grasp all that which isn't clear through exact examination.

We as people are everlastingly looking for the past. There is an extreme, and we know it, and we need it. In any case, in our constrained day by day involvement, we understand there is no accomplishing it. It is gotten to in some other way, and what is that way?

THIS IS THE GREAT QUEST! From the earliest starting point of time, man has looked to comprehend the endless, the extraordinary. A huge number of years of seeking and still he looks.

People are restricted in the confinements of time while navigating this life on earth. We measure things by it, we recognize things by it. However, we are unceasing, so nothing in the confinements of time will ever be agreeable to us!

So in the event that you ever ask why the progression of time and the shortness of time brings torment, and there is always a strain on our souls, an aching for a definitive, the extraordinary, simply know it resembles the insightful sage stated:

God has set forever in our souls, and we will never discover rest until the point that we discover rest in the One who is endlessness itself: the Lord God Almighty.

RS Kniep is a solid adherent to the energy of shrewdness to influence constructive outcomes in individuals' lives. He trusts all bona fide astuteness, in its different structures, originates from God, as found in His Word, the Holy Bible.

As a searcher of insight from God, RS Kniep has contemplated both the Bible and contending sees for almost 25 years. His work centers around the Biblical books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

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