Spotlight on God's Word and Not Your Problems

For whatever length of time that somebody stays in this world, issues, difficulties and issues will emerge.

For a Christian, it will come and the reason is basic: the fallen angel or satan's primary goal is to get the Christian to question reality of God's Word, the adequacy of God's Word and the energy of God's Word to determine all difficulties. So satan will toss all way of hindrances at a Christian to influence him or her to create unbelief.

In the event that the Christian shockingly acknowledges the obstructions as his destiny and inquiries God's capacity to take care of his issues, satan turns out to be exceptionally glad since that is the thing that he needs to accomplish.

Since we realize that satan is the reason for the world's inconveniences, what are we to do as Christians? We are to center exclusively around reality of God's Word in the Holy Bible.

You should acknowledge today that the more terrible thing that can happen to any person is passing. For whatever length of time that the individual is alive, there is trust and that expectation lies in Christ Jesus alone.

I have an uncle who once revealed to me that numerous years prior he took a choice, which was that any issue he couldn't take care of was not an issue and he would simply neglect it.

This man is more than 70 years old today and he is as yet sound and generous on the grounds that he never troubles himself about the issues of this life.

Dear companion, this is the manner by which it should be among us Christians. Stressing over your concern will never take it away. On the off chance that anything, stress would just exasperate the circumstance and cause you genuine medical issues.

Actually, what stress does is to open the way to satan to have a honest to goodness ideal to beset a Christian with malevolence, infection and malady.

Truly, I concur, the issue is genuine and it is there and obvious.

Nonetheless, please know today that when you focus on reality of God's Word concerning your circumstance, in addition to the fact that it would close the entryway against satan's profound assaults however it would move God to follow up on your faith in His Word, with the end goal of God keeping up the uprightness of His Word's adequacy and to celebrate His Holy Name.

The Holy Bible lets us know in Philippians 4:6-7, "Don't fuss or have any uneasiness about anything, however in each condition and in everything, by supplication and appeal (unequivocal solicitations), with thanksgiving, keep on making your needs known to God.

Furthermore, God's tranquility [shall be yours, that serene condition of a spirit guaranteed of its salvation through Christ, thus dreading nothing from God and being content with its natural parcel of whatever sort that will be, that peace] which rises above all comprehension should army and mount watch over your souls and psyches in Christ Jesus."

In the event that this is the thing that God has instructed us to do in His Word concerning each circumstance that goes up against us, at that point by all methods do what God has said as a proof that you trust Him.

At that point the tranquility of God that rises above all comprehension might be yours as expressed in His Word in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Dear companion, God made you and He cherishes you more than you can ever figure it out. It is just in Christ Jesus you can appreciate genuine peace and joy here on earth and be guaranteed of unceasing salvation in the great beyond.

You just can't go anyplace else.

If it's not too much trouble accept what God has let us know in His Word and you will get precisely the same God has guaranteed as long as you keep up your confidence in your soul and admit it verbally to initiate it profoundly for it to show physically.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You can't achieve God aside from through Jesus Christ - John 14:6. It would be ideal if you swing to Him genuinely today before it is past the point of no return.

May the great Lord favor you as you regard His Word today, follow up on it and offer with others in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.

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