Microsoft //build 2018, my Cloud Application Development highlights

Every year I'm really excited about 2 main public Microsoft conferences we have: Microsoft Connect() in November and Microsoft //build in May. It's always a lot of exciting announcements and important time for getting the fresh and future vision of Microsoft. Here is an example of the updates and announcements which happened during the Microsoft Connect() 2017 edition.
This week was the Microsoft //build 2018 in Seattle on May 7-9. Did you attend it in person or did you watch the keynotes and sessions remotely? Being there in person is such a great experience to receive information live but also meeting with people: customers, partners and product teams. I highly encourage you to attend in person at least once in your life! ;)

I won't cover everything announced but as an introduction here are some resources you should check out for the general vision and key points of this edition:
This year I watched remotely live and on-demand sessions. I would like to share my Cloud Application Development highlights with you through this blog article.
For a more complete list of announcements in details, feel free to check out my associated monthly blog article at the end of May 2018 or start playing yet with the associated chat Bot.


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