My monthly "Azure News & Updates" blog article got a Bot!

Every month, I'm publishing an "Azure News & Updates" blog article with a lot of automation. If you don't know this story and would like to know more about it, check it out.

I recently searched for resources about the Azure Bot Service and I discovered how easy is to build a bot as an extension of an existing solution. While doing that, I got the idea to make a Bot to consume in another way all the information I'm storing to generate my monthly blog article (in an Azure Table Storage). In my case, it will be an advanced Search experience through the UI and behavior of a Bot.

You could play with it directly within this blog article or you could open it in a new tab to have it in a bigger screen:

For now you could use this bot and search for content in 3 different ways:
  • By month: 2018-04
  • By date: 2018-04-04
  • By text: Functions, "API Management", VSTS, DevOps, AKS | Kubernetes, etc.

Here is the architecture diagram for this Bot solution:

Note: the Azure Search ("RssFeeds Search") on this diagram is not part of the Bot implementation I'm describing here. Here is the blog article describing the implementation of the Azure Search part. Previously I searched directly on the Azure Table Storage data source but now I'm leveraging the Azure Search features and capabilities within my Bot.

Here is the source code you could find and get inspiration of in my GitHub account:
I decided to implement this Bot as an Azure Function (.csx). You will also find 2 ways to deploy the ARM Template of such solution via CLI or via the "Deploy to Azure" button.
Once deployed within a resource group you will have this Azure resources:

If you setup Application Insight properly on the Function Bot resource (like explained in my GitHub) you could get some Analytics like this:

Regarding the price, in my case: it's free since I don't have a lot of traffic (yet! ;))
Here is the pricing information for such solution:
Hope you enjoyed this blog article, this documentation and this source code to implement your own Bots!


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