Garlic Water: for Racing Pigeons

The health benefits of garlic water for domesticated pigeons

1. Pigeons have domesticated and taken care of for over 10,000 years and were depicted in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. 

Keeping these wonderful animals healthy is extremely important to pigeon owners, especially for racing pigeons.

2. Garlic has long been used to promote healthy in many different animals including humans. By feeding your birds with garlic water once per week you can keep them happy and healthy.

3. Simply peel and crush four cloves of organic garlic and add them to your bird’s regular water. Let this soak for at least 1 hour before giving the water to the pigeons.

Remove the garlic after the first day and repeat twice per week.

4. This garlic water purifies the pigeon’s blood and increases circulation very quickly. The pigeons become more healthy and active.

5. The compounds within the garlic naturally destroy viruses, parasites and worms and unhealthy bacteria. 

6. This stabilises and clears up intestinal problems in the process, making the pigeons droppings more firm and with a less foul smell.

7. It will also boost their immune system and make them resistant to many health problems. Also reducing discoloration of the beak.

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