Unblock Nose Instantly

How to unblock your nose instantly, using some natural breathing
exercises at home.

  1. Having a blocked
    nose can be absolutely terrible, especially when we are trying to sleep at
    night.  The following natural
    breathing exercise will help you with this.

  1. The first thing
    you should do is hold a large ice cube at the roof your mouth, whilst
    drinking a glass of cold water.

The cold temperature will help to contract the swollen blood
vessels in your nose, slowly starting to unblock it.

  1. When our noses
    are blocked, it is often the case that we are breathing through the mouth
    causing a lack of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

The body tries to prevent C02 from escaping and causes the nose to
become blocked and mucus to be produced.

  1. To stop this
    endless cycle, begin by taking a deep breath in through the mouth and then
    pinch your nose. Hold your breath and walk around your home until you feel
    a strong urge to breathe.

This usually takes around 20-30 steps. Then, sit down with your
spine straight and slowly release the air through your nose. 

  1. After this, there
    will be a strong urge to breathe quickly and deeply. It is important that
    you do no give in to this urge. Instead breathe slowly and take in smaller
    amounts of air than you need.

  1. Allow your body
    to feel slightly hungry for air. This will cause the brain to send a
    signal to your nose, telling it to unblock by releasing the restricted
    blood vessels.

  1. Stay relaxed
    through the whole process, and allow your body to feel hungry for air.
    After only one attempt, the carbon dioxide will begin to unblock your

  1. Take your time,
    and repeat the previous steps if this does not work straight away. Do not
    rush the process.

  1. Drink lots of
    cold or hot water throughout the day to hydrate your body, and thin the
    mucus which may be causing the blocked nose.

  1. Stay away from
    milk and dairy based products when trying to clear a blocked nose. These
    cause a build-up of phlegm and mucus which only make the problem worse.

  1. If this problem
    persists for more than 2 weeks, be sure to get medical advice from a
    doctor, as this may be caused by allergies.

  1. Get well soon,
    and I hope that this remedy has been of use to you.

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