SmartHotel360 - Showcasing Modern Apps and Microservices Architecture in Azure

Did you watch live or on-demand the Microsoft Connect() conference in November 2017?
I did. I really love this online conference in November on a yearly basis.We always got a lot of announcements at this event.

More than the impressive keynotes, the announcements, the demos, etc. Did you notice like me that noteworthy efforts had been made through the different sessions making the demos more consistent and more real? I did.

They put together this SmartHotel360 Demo Apps and Architecture:
SmartHotel360 is a fictitious smart hospitality company showcasing the future of connected travel.
Their vision is to provide:

  • Intelligent, conversational, and personalized apps and experiences to guests 
  • Modern workplace experiences and smart conference rooms for business travelers
  • Real-time customer and business insights for hotel managers & investors
  • Unified analytics and package deal recommendations for campaign managers.
Have you ever been looking for concrete projects where you could see all together different Azure services and different technologies for a real solution (web, mobile, api, iot, ai, etc.)? Here you are! Here is the GitHub repository you could fork, clone, get inspiration of, etc. You could even find the associated creative contents in this folder or this one to build your own presentations.

You could find also this five part series on Channel9 to have more details and explanation regarding this solution, on a technical perspective:
You have now concrete scripts you could take advantage of and show to your managers, customers, teammates, etc.

Enjoy! ;)

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