Build a Twitter Dashboard with Azure Logic App and PowerBI

Last year I co-organized the Global DevOps Bootcamp 2017 where the global organizers provided a Twitter wall and I got the inspiration to build a Twitter dashboard for future events or even for continuous monitoring products, technologies, etc.
I was thinking about building something by my own to monitor tweets talking about "#sitecore #azure" using Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Cognitive Services and PowerBI. I found this pre-built "Brand & Campaign Management Solution Template for Twitter" template. This article will land you on the associated AppSource page where you will find a quick demo video, some screenshots, the Azure calculator, etc.

Quite interesting and easy to provision. But I would like something lighter, with less Azure services and cheaper. I found these resources as well:
With all these inspiring resources there is different approaches where you could use SQL Database, Azure Functions, Azure Stream Analytics, Cosmos DB, etc.
In my case and my context, I landed just with Azure Logic Apps, Cognitive Services (Sentiment detection) and PowerBI (PowerBI Streaming Dataset). Here is my Logic App workflow:

As a result in PowerBI, here is my dashboard/report:

The Logic App doesn't receive a lot of tweets with #sitecore and #azure, so in my case it's very cheap. Since September 2017, I just monitored 317 tweets, so it has costed me almost nothing.

Hope you will find some great inspiration to build your own Twitter Dashboard (or other ideas associated) with all these resources. Again Azure Logic App is a great tool to help you building such solution without code by aggregating different connectors.

Final thoughts
I explicitly used "continuous monitoring" at the beginning of this blog article because like you know I'am a DevOps Enthusiast. Continuous Monitoring is an important part for DevOps and getting feedback from end-users via social media is part of that. You also know that I'm a fan of VSTS, for many reason - have you heard about the new Release Gate feature? Why not including a Twitter sentiment analyzer as a Release Gate? ;)


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