U.S. Open 2014: Serena Williams Beats Caroline Wozniacki for 18th Grand Slam Title

"   was asked last week what the number 18 meant to her.

“It means legal to do some things,” she said, laughing.

But she knew what the reporter was getting at.

“It also means legendary,” she added more seriously."

What a serve, what a forehand! when she is on her game their is no one else in the building.
I watched all her matches and she was outstanding. In the Post final interview she said she really worked hard the last 6 months to get here. My calculator says $4, 000,000 ain't bad for 6 months work.

She is now tied with two of the three legends, and she has gas left in the tank. What a story.

To be continued 2015.

Can't wait for the men's final today, another amazing tennis story emerging.

On a personal note regarding my tennis, I have been on the injured reserve list this year do to a foot injury. but have no fear I'll be back next year.

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