Tumblr Roundup 12/31/13

One more of these before the year is through! As I suspected, I was not able to consistently answer questions (or do much of anything else recreational) during school. I'll do my best to churn them out at a regular pace over the holidays though.

-Has Savape caught any crocodiles or sharks?
-Is Dinky friends with any cuckoos?
-Has Ebeff ever tried to hang from trees by his claws?
-What can Zahavi tell us about Deinocheirus?
-Would Ostrom mind if another Deinonychus visited the museum?
-Why don't the characters have cheeks?
-Thoughts on shrikes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire (Video)

Galaxy S4 Burns while Samsung Sleeps. You won't believe what Samsung is trying to do to their customer. See Video and Samsung Email to customer. 

Hetep another Iphone clone (droid) bights the dust. So if you have a problem with your phone take it to a Samsung store for a friendly instant replacement. Oh, they don't have stores, Oh you say it will take 3 weeks if Samsung will replace it after you show "proof" your phone is kaput. Oh, you say they sent you an email to stuff in your mouth so you can not talk about the S4 that burns while you sleep. Email attempts to force you into taking down this video.

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New Tool to Fight Leukemia Coming To America

"Human immune cells reprogrammed in the laboratory to attack leukemia helped drive out the blood cancer in adults and children with aggressive forms of the disease, according to studies on the new strategy.

The research, reported today at the American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting in New Orleans, showed that 15 of 32 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia experienced a reduction of their cancers and 7 achieved remission. In patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 19 of 22 children experienced complete remission, as did all five adults tested.

The technology has now been licensed to Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG (NOVN) to open international trials, said researcher Carl June, a professor of immunotherapy at the
University of Pennsylvania. Multicenter trials will start in the U.S. next year at 8 centers around the country, and international trials should begin in 2014, he said."

Source: Designer Immune Cells Diminish Cancer in Leukemia Patients - Businessweek:
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I have a friend that has acute leukemia. We were just talking about remission today. He is coming home in Mid December and this new tool along with a healthy diet, exercise, supplements and a visit to an integrative doctor could be very timely indeed.

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Real-World Star Trek Tricorder Raises $10.5 Million in Funding

The real-world device inspired by Star Trek's tricorder just took one step closer to becoming a reality.

Scanadu, the startup behind a small handheld scanner that measures a patient's vital signs like heart rate and temperature, announced $10.5 million in funding from multiple investors on Tuesday. Relay Ventures led the new investment, which included former Yahoo cofounder and CEO Jerry Yang, that brings the company's total raised to $14.7 million. This will be used to expand the Scanadu team as it seeks FDA approval for the device called Scanadu Scout, said CEO Walter De Brouwer.

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Aunk's commentary.

This is great I will be a customer for sure. I always take my own vitals in between my 6mo Doctor check ups. Now the big one to crack is Blood Pressure without a cuff of any kind a remote blood pressure sensor would be worth its weight in gold. There are Iphone Bluetooth BP devices now and Iphone diabetes devices but to do it in Tricorder mode now that is something.

'What if an Amazon delivery drone crashes into me?' (Video)

 "Will spotting Amazon's fleet of "Prime Air" drones soon be "as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today"? That's what Amazon is saying, after CEO Jeff Bezos explained Sunday that the company would, in the future, deliver packages by quadcopter. However, that future may be a bit further out than the revolutionary retailer can say. "

Normally I like new technology but this needs more thought. Cars and trucks I can see, Drowns? Will Iphones now need to be outfitted with drown detection apps? Will drones have blinking red lights like trucks? This is hurting my head. see U later. 

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