St. Lukes offers integrative medicine program

 " St. Luke’s Medical Center announced today in a press release “”that it now offers a new Integrative Medicine Program, which takes a holistic approach to healthcare by combining traditional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and massage that has proven effective for certain medical conditions."

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St. Lukes offers integrative medicine program | Health Zone | a blog:

ACA's (Obama Care) anti-discrimination clause regarding integrative medicine is assisting us patients get these new benefits. It is one thing to be 80 it is another thing to be 80 and healthy.

What is Integrative Medicine? (Video)

What is Integrative Medicine?: "Several decades ago, while dealing with the forces in the world that control
the rudder of this ship we call the American medical system, Andrew Weil MD was developing a program at the University of Arizona that blended different medical systems. Everyone insisted on the pejorative terms “complementary” and “alternative” medicine, and he knew that those terms were meant to forever subjugate the primary healing systems of the world to a second-tier status to Western medicine. So he coined the term Integrative medicine (at least he is the first person I know of to publicly and consistently use the term) and developed what became known as the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine along with a whole program at UA known as Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine"


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Aunk Commentary:

I agree with Dr. Forsman regarding the points he raises about the pejorative nature of the MediPlex (Medical Industrial Complex's "Alternative" and "complementary" medicine. and for the same reasons I use and support the term integrative medicine. As Dr. Foresman talked of a "Western" Medicine point of view let me add some Medical Cultural Literacy to the discussion which, will further clarify what Integrative Medicine is.

All three of my go to Doc's are integrative MDs, one was the chief pathologist at the Hospital I was born in
Columbia Presbyterian University Medical center, Dr. Ali and the other two Dr. Washkem and Dr. Koyki are Integrative MD's that are also trained in Traditional African Medicine (TAfM) and Traditional Asian Medicine (TAsM).

The first "hospitals" in recorded history are found in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) going back thousands of years before the Western Father of medicine Hippocrates. They we called Houses of light as contrast the hotels for sick people (Hospitals) we have today.  .  

Kemet is the source of holistic Medicine as it is the first place that it is formally recorded in the history of man. It is here were we find the first "Scientific Medicine in Recorded history along with the earliest know pharmacy industry with its RX that we still use to this day.    The kemetian's would not make a chair or treat a patient without due consideration to the Physical, Psychological and cosmological realities. Now there was no reason to call it holistic chairs or medicine then as it was just the way things were done by the majority in this high culture.

Greek doctors like Hippocrates by their own words studied at Kemetic University houses of light in the school of Tihuti. Why Tihuti's magic wand (Caduceus) is still worn and otherwise used as a symbol of medicine to this very day by the medical community worldwide.

It is still the case that the majority of doctors taking the medical oath swear to the African and Western fathers of  Medicine, do you know the African's name?

In time, Kemetic medicine would branch into two major tracts. The Western Tract which is physical chemical, drug, surgery focused and the Eastern Tract which, is bio-energetic herbal/food focused. The reintegration of the three tracts is what I consider Integrative medicine.  

The bottom line is if I need assistance in restoring my health I want an MD who can apply the best from all three tracts.

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Health law boosts status of alternative medicine — at least on paper : News

 "Complementary and alternative medicine — a term that encompasses meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care and homeopathic treatment, among other things — has become increasingly popular. About four in 10 adults — and one in nine children — in the U.S. are using some form of alternative medicine, according to the National Institutes of Health.

And with the Affordable Care Act, the field could make even more headway in the mainstream health care system. That is, unless the fine print — in state legislation and insurance plans — falls short because of unclear wording and insufficient oversight."

One clause of the health law in particular — Section 2706 — is widely discussed among providers of alternative medicine because it requires that insurance companies “shall not discriminate” against any health provider with a state-recognized license.

Health law boosts status of alternative medicine — at least on paper : News:
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The smart guy we hired, with his Dems, to run the nation and get a health care bill passed has outsmarted the Taliban Republicans and MediPlex again with Section 2706 (the anti-discrimination section) of the Affordable Care Act (ACA/ObamaCare). This could take us from the current Sick Care system to a start on a true Health Care System.

Imagine being able to go to an integrative MD and my insurance company being smart enough to pay the bill because research shows that they will have higher profit margins for health care then they currently get for Drug and cut sick care. WoW, talk about a health care miracle hidden in ACA..

The Iphone 5S Puts Droid Clones Two Years Behind Apple

Hetep and Respect folks it seems to me you can sum up the CIRP report as follows. for Iphone clone makers like droids, The only thing worst then competting against one Iphone is compeating against two Iphones, lol.

The realty is the clone makers have two challanges in portable computing.
1. Apple's plastic phone, even before you throw in their unmatched Ecosystem with it's apps, is better then the clone plastic.
2. The 64bit  A7 chip 5S puts apple at least two years in front of the Iphone clones, most of the clones won't be abe to simulate (copy/implement) a usefull 64 bit chip that does not kill off all their existing 32 bit apps for two or more years. Then how long will it take them to get App Developers to write software to run on their catch up 64 bit platforms?

The Gold Standard in Portable Computing - now comes in Gold

Talk about Tim Cook and his A team hitting the ball out of the park, wow!

Columbus Day 2013 - American Cultural Literacy 101

Columbus Day Cultural Poisoning requires you understand some basics about history. So here are some Columbus Day 101 Cultural Literacy corrections to the historical record.

Columbus Day 101
1. The indigenous people of Turtle is Island (America's) are not "Indian's" Indians are from India
2. You can not discover a place where people already live.
3. Columbus was not the first European to visit Turtle Island.
4. The vikings came to this land 500 years earlier and the Africans were here 1500 years earlier.
5. Christopher Columbus was a criminally insane murder and en-slaver of people
6. His visit spread World War Zero (The enslavement of people of color "Slave Trade") to Turtle Island leading to 50 million indigenous dead. This is added to the 100 million Africans that would die in WW0.
7. Columbus's attack on Turtle Island must be understood in the context of of the Cultural War c. 1500 B.C.E. -Present that starts in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt)
8. The Culturally Healthy Indigenous people of Turtle Island (Native Americans) hold this day as a day as a day of morning.

Additional Study:
Rethinking Columbus and his day
They Came Before Columbus (Africans in Ancient America -video)

What is the state of your Cultural Health? Click here to give yourself a check up from the neck uP!

LifeRcise 101: sleep Quality - Iphone App Tells U

My sleep quality was 93% How did U sleep last night?  I now have going on three years of my sleep quality data. My Health and fitness recommendation for the day is give up your old dumb alarm clock and get a smart alarm the provides you with  feedback about not just the time you spent sleeping but the quality of your sleep. Here is one feed back graphic my Iphone smart Alarm provides for me.  

The very first app on a moble computer (smartphone) that watched you while you sleep was Sleep Cycle.

I dropped in the gym yesterday to work on lower body. But the most important part of my day was this time my body spent sleeping (Reparing)..

Tu-a Neter for enabling me to sleep in cycle before the 24th hour of the day.  
My sleep graph for Friday 11 Oct. Analysis by Sleep Cycle smart alarm clock for iPhone.

Health Minister Stresses Traditional Medicine in Mental Health

 "The minister of Health, JosĂ© Van - DĂșnem, Saturday, in Luanda , said traditional medicine is a useful complement to conventional medicine for the treatment of mental health." Angola: Minister Stresses Traditional Medicine in Mental Health:
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Aunk Commentary:
Astro-Psychology 101

While this is a welcome statement it is at best an understatement in my opinion. first one must understand that their are at least three major schools of Psychology and they are found in the context of the worldviews that they live in. The Central Worldview (African), The Eastern worldview (Asian) and the last to enter recorded history the Western Worldview.

I was born and raised in the West and like most here I learned about the Western Psychological school of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The notions of the Ego, the Id, the conscious, unconscious, lying on the couch (psychotherapy), the theories of chemical imbalances in the brain and drugs to fix it.

Now I naturally seemed to lean toward Jung as being closer to the mark then Freud, who I judged to be a lunatic at best. But what is important about what I am telling you is that no where in my education did anyone mention that there were two other major schools of psychology. In public schools we were taught that "traditional medicine" was crazy stuff performed by "Witch Doctors", unscientific etc.

Speaking of Traditional medicine few who are mental health professionals are aware that the first mental health system (Psychology) in recorded history was best described as Astro-Psychology and is found in great detail in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

As I passed through my youthful near blind belief and faith medical doctors. I asked my self some basic questions, Self, I said, how does Western psychology work and what about the other two schools of mental health? The answers I ran across were real eye openers.

In fact, when I compare modern Psychology/Psychiatry with its psychotropic drugs to Traditional Astro-Psychology I submit that traditional mental health is more a effective and less dangerous means of understanding and maintaining ones mental health. The universe(one verse) is made up of energy and we are part of the one verse. The same laws that apply to energy above applies to the energy below. With an understanding of the laws that governed these energies and the use of reason one is in the best position to maintain a healthy physiological, Psychological and cosmological path to the ZOD (Zone of optimal development).{1}

Last but not least If you or a member of your family or friend have taken, are taking or are considering taking a psychotropic drug from a psychiatrist or MD this Documentary is a must see. The name of the Documentary is the Marketing of Madness. It is long 2.5 hours so if you are serious you will have to allocate time. But trust me it will be will worth it.

The psychological arm of MediPlex (Medical industrial complex) has a very distinct way of operating, you need to understand the big picture reality.  The health and well being of yourself, your family and friends could one day depend on what you learn from this most frank documentary. I have provided a short 1 minute trailer below to introduce you to the documentary.
Let's go to the video tape:

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Chicken nuggets not just "meat" but blood vessels, nerve cells

"Scientists took a close look at the chicken nugget and discovered what some may have suspected: it's not full of what we might think of as meat.

A study published online in September in the American Journal of Medicine -- cleverly titled "The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads 'Chicken Little'" - revealed that two nuggets from fast food chains in Jackson, Miss. contained only about half of what we would consider chicken meat.

"We all know white chicken meat to be one of the best sources of lean protein available and encourage our patients to eat it," lead author Dr. Richard D. deShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, said to Reuters. "What has happened is that some companies have chosen to use an artificial mixture of chicken parts rather than low-fat chicken white meat, batter it up and fry it and still call it chicken.""


They did an autopsy on two nuggets this is what was in the first one.

Nugget number one was about 50 percent muscle tissue such as from the breast or thigh, which is what most people think of when they think of chicken meat. The rest of it was made from fat, blood vessels and nerves, specifically the cells that line the skin and internal organs of the chicken.

Report: Chicken nuggets not just "meat" but blood vessels, nerve cells - CBS News:

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Now what I want to know is what chains maded these unhelthey for profit nugets was it McDonalds, KFC? why keep this informaiton from the public. The FDA needs to launch a massive study on all Chains and make the reports public.

President Obama understands Cultural Poisoning when he sees it "Redskins" (Video)

 No, the President did not use the term Cultural Poisoning, yet but this is what he said. ‘I’d think about changing’ Washington Redskins team name. The President hits the mental health nail on the head. Videos)

"President Obama became the latest, and most high-profile, figure to weigh in against the Washington Redskins’ name, saying he would consider changing it because it offends many Native Americans."

Young people seem to get it but some do not.
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