One Android User's iPhone App Envy

 "Most of the year, I'm an Android user. My personal phone is an Android device, as are most of the gadgets around here. But for about two months each year, I'm an iPhone and iPad tester, and that's when I get horribly envious. You see, it's the apps. Especially the games.

After four years of intense competition, the quality and availability of leading third-party iPhone apps still beats Android, even though Android phones have much greater market share. We've seen it in study after study: more people own Android phones, but developers prefer iOS. Apple's phones are easier to develop for, with less fragmentation, less piracy, and a higher rate of developers getting paid for their efforts."

Aunk's Commentary:
We all know that the best developers write for Iphon/Ipad first. When the Ipad made the genius move of putting a quad graphics processor in the Ipad this was another mark of the Job's A Team understanding how to attract and keep the best developers.

The best keep secret in the smart phone wars in the post PC world is that "it's the Apps stupid". So it is most interesting to hear a member of the Droid tribe honestly talk about the app realities that everyone interested in buying an interpersonal computer (IPC) should know.

The thing I use my Iphone for the least is as a phone. Like in the PC Wars, people buy things because of price and apps. The same is true in the IPC wars its the killer app that captures the long term consumer.

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Iphone 5 vs Galaxy S3 torture test (video & InfoGraphic)

Independent tests drop, drown and pound the two phones and one clearly fails. Guess which one? Come see this thriller in Manila, rumble in the computer jungle.

Hint, one is glass and metal and the other is plastic. Most of the droids are boat anchors 6 months after they are bought because the customer can't get the latest operating system (OS). Now we know that new apps need the new OS right, oh, sorry. The Iphone 3GS is the oldest cellphone running a manufactures current OS. very few installed base droids can run jelly bean Androids latest OS (is that not a jack ass of a name for an operating system). Ice cream sandwich (no number so you can keep track of their failures #v32?) or older is running on the droid installed base. But S3 is the closest Droid Iphone clone to the 5 so let's see what they got.

Lets Go To The Video Tape:

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Romney Admits Bain Pioneered in Outsourcing (Video)

Romney has said that his company Bain did not do outsourcing  under his leadership as CEO, chairman and only stock holder. Fact check, not true, watch and listen to Mitt Romney in his own words, when he thought he was speaking only to his fellow 1%'ers (Leaked Video)

Romney says, before he was the Republican Presidential candidate he had business experience creating jobs and this is why we the American people should elect him.  The question is creating jobs where?

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Bush and The Forty Thieves Blamed for Economy (Voter Poll 57%-35%)

 By margin of 57%-35%, registered voters blame George W. Bush and the Republican Party for the poor condition of the economy.

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The people know who created JOBS and who is Blocking JOBS. Infographic and Video. The Republican Teabag congressin two years has passed five hundred bills (not a typeO) on abortion and Zero creating JOBS.

IMHO, the best Dem election strategy is just let Romney (i.e. Bush/Palin Clone) keep talking and just correct his mistakes. Even Republicans are figuring out that Mitt, corporations are people, Romney is a second hander (no vision, no integrity).

New British health chief causes dismay with homeopathy views, dubbed “minister for magic” -

The headline should be Mr. Hunt fires positive Homeopathy shot heard around the world. The Medical Industrial Complex (MediPlex) is shaking in its allopathy only boots.

New British health chief causes dismay with homeopathy views, dubbed “minister for magic” - The Washington Post:

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This story caused me to ask myself the question, what have Homeopaths found effective for burning belly fat?

I use Harmon Re-balancing, Crunches, running, swimming, fruits, caster oil rubs and  a termogenic. What do you use?