What Will A Romney/Ryan Vote Co$t you Personally?

The Basic answer is Mitt , Corporations are  people. Romney will raise your Medicare cost by 6000 each at minimum.  The list from NBC Newsvine below is even more eye opening.

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These figures have been confirmed by economists:
65 - 11,100
54 - 59,500
48 - 124,600
39 - 216.000
29 - 331,000
Center for American Progress
Harvard Economist Dennis Cutler
Like Rescue, I am doing much better with Medicare and the supplemental and Part D (Rx). We pay $1,000 less a month, finally! Hubby's entire early social security paid for our insurance until this August; so, we are breathing more easily. Citigroup really screwed their "retirees" - not only by laying people off at age 60-61 then taking all of the monetary benefits left to pay for their over-priced retiree health. Add that to the 401k thievery, and it was another thing to love about the

Apple v. Samsung The Iphone Clone Maker Loses - Must Pay $1 Billion

A federal jury in California on Friday recommended that Apple be awarded more than $1 billion in damages after finding Samsung was guilty of "willful" violations of a number of Apple's patents in the creation of its own mobile products."

Jury: Samsung should pay Apple more than $1 billion - CNN.com
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Aunk's commentary.

The American jury did protect our American intellectual property as I predicted. See Original story.
Now the jury must decide what products will not be allowed in the United States and for how long. We look forward to getting their judgement next week.

The Droid Iphone clone market share has dropped and Iphone market share has risen. So they lost the court case, lost market share and Iphone 5 is weeks away from announcement. At this rate by December no one will remember the name Galaxy ever existed.

All Samsung products including TV's should be banned from the United States for a minimum of ten year for their crimes against our leading American company.

The Apple is as American As Apple Pie Campaign starts here and now. Hit the donate button top right on this blog.

Help us get Apple to Buy American, that is, as an Apple customer send Apple a message, we supported you in court now we want to see you make an Iphone in the USA. You can start by making the free Iphone here.

For an extended didcusion I had on NBC/Newsvine with a Droid Tribe member Click Here

God Bless America!

Doctors Prescribing Apps to Patients

"Before long, your doctor may be telling you to download two apps and call her in the morning. Here is your first perception from Dr. Aunk.

Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times
Lee Perlman, left, and Benjamin Chodor of Happtique, developer of a medical app that can facilitate the writing of prescriptions.
Smartphone apps already fill the roles of television remotes, bike speedometers and flashlights. Soon they may also act as medical devices, helping patients monitor their heart rate or manage their diabetes, and be paid for by insurance."

 Doctors Prescribing Apps to Patients - NYTimes.com:
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Aunk's comment
I have  stethoscope on my Iphone and can send my doc an graph of my hart rate like a cardiogram. I have a hart rate monitor (HRM) that fits on my arm and feeds my running app as I do my 5 miles. The first diabetes monitoring app in the history of the world came out for the Iphone this year. Wi-Fi blood pressure and weight apps and devices are common now.

Here is you first prescription from the Aunk. To get healthy and fit food is 80% of the equation. The SunFood Ankh tells us that the body sees everything you put in your mouth as poison, nutrition or medicine. You need to know which is which in the food you buy and I prescribe fooducate (an app for your Iphone).

Down load Fooducate and comment after your next trip to the supermarket.   

A Ford sells for $11 million, sets new auction record

"At first, we heard it called the most expensive Ford ever auctioned off. Now, RM Auctions is boasting that it is the most expensive American car ever sold at auction."

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A Ford sells for $11 million, sets new auction record

Aunk commentary:

My first car was a Ford and they still make the best cars.

Apple v. Samsung The Iphone Clone Maker Must Lose

 American courts must protect America's biggest business, for it is our immediate future. Samsung should be bared from selling any products in the United States for 10 years as punishment for their theft.

Foreign  companies must not be allowed to steal American intellectual property. The great American visionary Job's does not exist at Samsung or Google as evidenced by their non-visionary stealing. If they want to participate honestly in  the new interpersonal computer market (IPC) with smart phone type devices then let them create their own like Microsoft is doing.

LF Iphone RT Iphone clone 

Samsung phones are Iphone clones pure and simple, the evidence is in the lead picture for this article, case closed, no more evidence needed. If you add the internal memo's to this they are a cooked goose.

Microsoft IPC
At least Microsoft is not overtly trying to in your face steal, thinking the American courts are not smart enough to figure the reality of criminality out. Why the first picture is an insult to all Americans. We should not stand for it. We must make an example of the Samsung criminals. If you attack American interest we will attack you. Crime does not pay!

See details of court case below:

This weeks marks a full five days of hearings in the patent dispute between the two tech titans. Here's some bite-sized info to help understand what's happening."

The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung | Apple - CNET News:
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Apple’s iPhone Takes Smartphone Share from Android in U.S. (Infographic)

"Apple’s iPhone gained market share in the U.S. smartphone industry during the June quarter, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The company said that Apple’s share rose from 23 percent in the second quarter of 2011 to 33 percent in Q2 of 2012. Android’s share fell from 61 percent in Q2 of 2011 to 56 percent in Q2 2012."

Aunk's Commentary:
More and more people are coming to understand that droids are poor Iphone clones. The market is starting to reflect this reality. The Iphone created the Interpersonal computer (iPC) and was five years ahead of the pack when it was introduced. Iphone will continue to make inroads in July and August, then comes September. The Iphone 5 announcement on Sept 12th will put it five more years out. They will sell 260 million phones and Ipad mini sales will go through the roof.

Apple’s iPhone Takes Smartphone Share from Android in U.S. | News | The Mac Observer
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